Unity Camp

Brandon goes live about Unity Camp 2017

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Unity Camp 2017

Our Vision

Our objectives are clear:

  1. Develop the next generation of community leaders. 
  2. Elevate our young people's vision of themselves, and their mentality. 
  3. Inspire our youth to take ACTION and create the change they want to see.

Elements of Unity Camp

  • Self-discovery
  • Team Building
  • Mentorship
  • Communication, problem solving, and management training
  • Community Initiative Development
  • Exposure & Networking

6 Weeks Will Change Lives

  • Every student will be paired with a mentor for a year!
  • Every student will recieve up to $250 to help launch their initiative.

Your Investment in Your Chlid

Unity Camp is not just a 6 week summer camp, but a 1 year leadership development program. 

Only $250 for Unity Camp (0.68 cents per day)

An additional $50 for Summer Sports Camp.